Anyone agree with me on the political value of the Olympics?

Question:1936 Olympics in Berlin,

9 years later...Hitler gone

1980 Olympics in Moscow,

9 years later...Communism gone

2008 Olympics in Beijing,

In 9 yrs, 2017...Red China gone?


Who won the ATHENS 1896 Olympics?


Will this improve my mile time?

China has changed alot from it's socialist days. They have become more indivudalistic and represent a new type of "me" generation. This forward thinking and creative process though not democracy in itself signals the massive changes that have come to China.

here are some articles about it

When were the Olympic Games held in Barcelona, Spain?

Nice analogy

I am feeling it big time, but we have to wait till 2017 to know

What are your best 400 m times in track and field?

1984 olympics in Los Angeles, 9 years later.., ok ok wait, 1988 olympics in seoul, 9 years later, errr, no wait wait, let me try again, 1992 olympics in barcelona, 9 years later..., nothing.. what about 1996 atlanta? It's still there and so is the USA, 10 years later.

Who were the bronze medalists in all boxing divisions in the 1964 Olympics in Tokyo?

USA. hosted olympics 6+ times and nothing. USA won more total medals than any country and nothing. 1980 Olympics in Lake Placid N.Y. and nothin except spanking the russians in hockey and then winning the gold medal.

No, I do not agree there is any direct correlation. If what you said is true, then why did it not happen more times to more countries over the past 200 years.

You dreaming and hopelessly grasping at impossible theories. Read science fiction for the truth instead. Or just watch sports and take them for what they are, games. Go Cards!

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