I run a half mile in about 2:12 i have about half a year to drop 12+ seconds. How possible is this?


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How old are you? What are your training habits. How dedicated are you to your sport? What is your diet? See what I'm getting at? 12 seconds is a lot to drop in 6 months. Initially I'd say no. Too much time to drop and not enough time to do it. Half of that is possible but you have to put yourself on the decent training schedule.

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Depends on your history and how close you are to your potential. If 2:12 is in the early stages of your training, a two minute half mile is very possible. You will gain most of it in your second half mile. If your 2:12, very respectable by the way, is the result of training for a while, I wouldn't expect you to shave 12 seconds off.

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this can happen if you
1. work out your legs and give them more strenth
2. eat right
3. lot of leg care like hot pads and ice packs after a long run
4. drink lots of water.
i did this for my son to.

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