Am i tall short or average?!?

k im about 5 3 maybe a little smaller, and i weight about 140.. and dont worry IM NOT FAT!! haha im a gymnast so all thats muscle weight... but is this normal for a 14 year old gymnast?is gymnastics stunting my growth?


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I'm about the same height as you, so I'd consider your height average, since a lot of others I know are the same height as well. =D I don't think gymnastics stunts your growth. I mean, I know some gymnasts who are a lot taller than me. In fact, maybe all of the extra exercise is making you taller. If your parents and grandparents are about the same height or shorter than you, your height is probably mostly genetics.

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genetics is an issue

your ethnicity and race is also an issue...

your gender is also an issue

sadly, these are required to determine what is normal for your height vis a vis weight...

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assuming you are a girl, you are taller than average. not sure about ladies weight though, you have to look it up on the BMI chart. but since you said it's all muscle weight, you are healthy.
and to clarify things, gymnastics, or any other sports for that matter, will not stunt your growth. it may even cause you to grow taller (bball, swimming, etc). however it has been found that shorter people do better in gymnastic because of the height and gravity stuff... something like that.

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140? I don't recall seeing Dominique Moceanu weighing anywhere near 140lbs. Darlin, I'm 5'11 and 185..

According to the Body Mass Index for kids (girls), you're at the 90th percentile. Not obese, but you don't have far to go.

According to the National Center for Health Statistics, the average height for an adult female in the United States is 63.8 inches, or 5 feet 3.8 inches, but you're at only the 30th percentile for your age.

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