Building Completion of 2012 Olympic Park?

What chance is there of having the London Olympic Park completed "On Time" for 2012 Olympics if we can't complete Wembley Stadium by June 2007 that is some 13 months behind schedule?


Who do YOU think is right??

There is no reason why the project cannot be completed on time and budget if the basic plannijng is correct and provides for sufficent contigencies and makes the project completion well before the 2012 deadline.

As the dealine approaches subcontractors, suppliers and workers get greedier with their demands knowing the client 'has' to pay or is severely embarrassed

After all several similar projects have been completed on time and on budget (eg Manchesters Commonwealth Games in 2002, and 'City of Manchester' Stadium.

I suspect the real reason for the delays at Wembley have relatively little to do with Multiplex and more to do with the FA (the continued messing around with the design and purpose of the building. Probably the architects for producing work of art rather than 'just' concentrating on desigin a building fit for purpose. using creative (often unporoven) design and construction techniques and materials I wouldn't be surprised if the basic design wasn't properly executed (i ecorreeclt planned down tot he finite detail.

Multiplex may not have been big (experinced) enough. They have probably fallen victim to blackmail and extortion form their sub contractors (and no doubt inflation busting wage demands and materials cost increases)

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just don't give it to the Aussies

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I think it is completely possible to have it all finished "on time" Many large structures have beed designed and completed on time, take the new Arsenal Stadium for example. Bad management has ruined Wembley.

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Stop whining, the Brits also managed to hold a very successful games just 3 years after the end of WWII, so I'm fairly certain they can manage to pull this off too.

The games will be grand and the UK will be ready.

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