Are gold medals solid gold?


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Without qualification, the term is likely to refer to a winner's prize at the modern Olympic Games (medals were not awarded at the ancient games). In 1896, winners' medals were in fact silver. The custom of gold-silver-bronze for the first three places dates from the 1904 games and has been copied for many other sporting events. Minting the medals is the responsibility of the host city. From 1928-1968 the design was always the same: the obverse showed a generic design by Florentine artist Giuseppe Cassioli with text giving the host city; the reverse showed another generic design of an Olympic champion. From 1972-2000, Cassioli's design (or a slight reworking) remained on the obverse with a custom design by the host city on the reverse. Noting that Cassioli's design showed a Roman amphitheatre for what was originally a Greek games, a new obverse design was commissioned for the Athens 2004 Games. Winter Olympics medals have been of more varied design. The silver and bronze medals have always borne the same designs.

Most gold medals (including Olympic gold medals) are gold-plated, exceptions being the Congressional Gold Medal and Nobel Prize winners' medals, which are solid gold.

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no thre gold plated they would be worth thousands of dollers if it was

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No, very few things are solid gold as 100% gold is too soft.

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24k gold is very soft and not solid at all.

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No, according to Olympic committee the gold medals are only composed of 5% of gold.

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Most likely not. Pure gold is too soft.

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They are plated.

Link is for the whole story. Page 5 is what you are looking for.

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If u wanna check that go to a primary school & ask it straight to the principal of that school.

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No. They're made of gold-plated silver.

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I think they are just gold colors on metal plates

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No, they never had been. They're made of silver and plated with gold.

The Olympic Charter as it reads today is much the same as it was then. With regard to awards, in Chapter 5, Rule 70, paragraph 2 of the Charter, which is entitled "Medals and Diplomas", it states:

“2.1 For the individual events, the first prize shall be a silver gilt medal and a diploma, the second prize a silver medal and a diploma, and the third prize a bronze medal and a diploma. The medals
must mention the sport and the event for which they are awarded, and be fastened to a detachable chain or ribbon so as to be placed around the athlete’s neck. Competitors who will have placed fourth, fifth, sixth, seventh and eighth shall also receive a diploma, but no medal.

In the case of a tie for a first, second or third place, each competitor is entitled to a medal and a diploma.”

“2.2 The medals shall be at least 60mm in diameter and 3mm thick. The medals for first and second places shall be of silver of at least
925-1000 grade; the medal for first place shall be gilded with at least 6g of pure gold.”

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no they are diluted with water.. of course they are solid gold!

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