Am I the only person who has a mad crush on Sean White pro-snowboarder?

He is so hot!! And if you sean, are out there reading this-I am a huge fan, and a pretty girl!


What event do you want to attend at 2008 Beijing Olympics and why?

Sean is hot!!!!!!!!!...

Who was the first man to long jump over 28 feet?

i like him to but not that much LOL hes ok

In which year did the winter and summer olympics last held together?

yes. he looks like carrot top

1948 Olympics Athletics - What were the placings and times of all those competing in the 5000 metres heats?

OK i love watching him skate and snowboard, hes got mad skills and yes he is too cute, but you just sound obsessed! And to be such a huge fan, you sure dont know how to spell SHAUN WHITE!

Which year was the frist olympics held?

maybe i dont know who he is though i am no help!!

When were the Olympics last held in the UK?

i have no clue who you are talking about and clearly i am no help at all in this subject but i am in others

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