Can 100meters dash record go under 9 seconds?


When can a competitor get disqualified in Discus? (5 answers)?

nothing is impossable in 1972 The male gold medal time was 10.14 gold medal for female was awarded to,a time of 11.07.In 2004,the male gold medal time was 9.85, and the female was 10.93 (not a PBT).Meaning that from 1972 to 2004 the males dropped 0.29 seconds ans the females, 0.14. Meaning it must be possable.The world record times are,
male 9.77
female 10.49
male is 0.78 off of breaking 9 sec.,and female is 1.5 sec. off.

"Take a step forward lads - it'll be easier that way."
-Robert Erskine Childers, last words, to his firing squad, Irish Civil War 1922

Ring colours of the olympic flag?

depends on if you are being chased by a fast or slow dog.

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In theory yes. However, not without the aid of " special " vitamins.
I don't think a human that hasn't used illegal supplements, can break 9 seconds.

Which country do you think will be the best in Beijing Olympic Games?

you can't rule anything out. they once said the 4 minute mile was impossible to break.

Can I have a hamburger?

Are you fast or slow?
If your fast then there is a possibility
Slow then i don't think so

I need a list of the olimpic events\?

Sure, and monkees will fly outta yer butt. It's not gonna happen in our lifetime for certain.

I think in 92 Women Olympic Marathon, a runner took a dump during the race, anyone have info?

we must remember that if we chart the improvements in world record times over the last 30 years, the world record time has improved by about 0.29 seconds (mens). At the same time we have to bear in mind that althetics has become a truly professional sport only in the last decade or so, meaning that the fastest times just about ever to be run are currently being run. So we should enjoy the spectacle!! I predict that the fastest time will be around 9.5 - it will never be faster than that - and will take a super human to do that. Lets hope somewhere in the world at this moment he is being born.

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