Bests shoes for running?


What was the song Pavaroti sang at the Olympic opening?

Avia, Avia, Avia.

They are, to use only three words, comfortable, comfortable, and comfortable.

Why can't Asian athletes run fast in the Olympics?

sneakers like nike

Do you think that london 2012 will be built on time? and why?


Have you dreamed of being in the Olympics? What Sport?

That depends on your feet - the size, the arches, and how you run. How to find the best: try on the shoes in the store. It should be a comfortable pair, that aren't too tight, too heavy, or too loose.

The physical science of figure skating and is it still about athleticism?

Adidas is the best.

What do you think the chances of Chicago getting the Olympic bid over LA??

I ABSOLUTELY HHHHHHHHHIGHLY RECCOMEND asics. they are A LOT of money, but if you are serious about runnung, you will get them. try the "gel" kind. they have them, at mc sprts, and probably dicks sporting goods, and at famous footwear... :);) =) =0

Will lacrosse, chest, bridge or poker ever get into the olympics?

Light weight shoes with thin soles.

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