Anyone planning to go to the 2008 Olympics?


GYMNASTS- Please help with giants!?

Yeah i plan to isnt it in china. yup im going its gonna be the best eating orange chicken and sushi. Yup im gonna love it.

How can I host the 2030 winter olympic games?

i wish, i would love to go, bu unfortunately i don't think I'll have the cash, maybe I'll start saving now...

Has anyone eva go high on crack??

Yes I'll probably go, but it'll get so crowded and the cost of my plane tickets and hotel will be crazy

Who is the oldest person to medal in the Olympics?

yea me y??

Question for ice skaters?

Steven Lopez is planning on going to the Olympics in Taekwondo

What are some major Vocabulary Words for Fencing (Sword Fighting Sport)?

2012 Hurdles 800 400 200 100
im too young at 11

Do you think professional athletes should be allowed to compete in the Olympics?

i hope i can.why are you going?

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