Are you happy that Chicago got the bid over L.A.?


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Most definately it is closer to me.

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Heck yes Chicago! They wanted a city with classy people.

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I'm very happy because that's very good for the city more jobs, more people coming and going. The life will improve because of that!!!

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I'm happy that my hometown of Chicago could get the Olympics, but a lot will have to happen between now and then if they want to get them. First off, there will be approximately 9 years of construction hell there. They will not only have to build most of the venues necessary for the Games, including a brand new stadium for the opening and closing ceremonies, but upgrades to the city's infrastructure will be needed. This will come in the form of the city's highways and rapid transit system. They are pretty good now, but they will need to be up to date in order to support an Olympiad. They will also need to find a place for the Olympic Village. The athletes and coaches could stay in the dorms of the local universitites like Northwestern and Illinois-Chicago, but they may need to build a whole new area so that everyone is close to the city.

Another thing to consider is how the city is going to pay for it. It's safe to assume that the cost of everything in Chicago is about to go through the roof, especially if they do indeed get the Olympics. And traveling in and out of the city will be an adventure. If you think flying in and out of O'Hare is a pain now, just imagine doing that with tens of thousands of people arriving from around the world at the same time.

If I was still living in Chicago and I had no interest in going to see the Olympics, I would seriously consider going out of town at that time.

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I'm Canadian and I'm definitely glad that Chicago, an underrated city and perhaps the most dynamic city in the US, got the nod over the somewhat overrated LA. Besides, LA has already hosted it twice before whereas Chicago hasn't. Heck, I'd even prefer Chicago over Toronto even though I'm from that area.

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I'm of two minds about it.
On the positive side, I might actually get to go to an Olympic event. I might also be able to make some $$$ by renting out my house for the two weeks.

On the negative side, the fact that the mayor wants it so bad give the labor unions more leverage than they normally have. Especially over the next two years leading up to the final selection. There is no way that the mayor wants to look bad with a prolonged garbage or transit strike.\

Based on the cities that are in the running, all things being equal, I would have to go with Rio de Janeiro. The US has hosted twice in recent history, and the games have never been held in South America.

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I am soo excited that Chicago got the bid. It's such an underrated city, and this shows that the famous 'second city' may not be second place any longer. While I believe Rio de jeniro is in good standing because it's never been there, by 2016, it's going to have been 20 yrs since the United States has held the olympics and I think this is a chance to change the way most of the world looks at us..i hope it'll be there, i mean the lakefront is already beautiful, but with what they're adding its going to be magnificent.

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I am very happy that Chicago got the nomination over Los Angeles and if Chicago does host the event, I plan on attending the games.

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Heck yes.

The Daniel Burnham plan from 100 years ago has paid off for the city, allowing so many events to be held along the lakefront that it will be hard for anyone to compete with the bid. And if they want more existing facilities than unbuilt, the proposal does not even include most of the university facilities around the city (Northwestern, Loyola, etc) along with the new Sears Centre.

This should be a great benefit for the city.

I live in australia i have a question what did you think of the olympics in australia sydney 2000?

America have a lot of improving to meet new standards for Olympics. The lack of interest in the Paralympics and how bad the Paralympics village was during 1996 and no coverage in Greeces.
The Olympics and paralympics have joined together and it now rules that who holds Olympics holds Paralympics.

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I volunteer with Chicago 2016 and couldn't be more excited. The proposed venue plan is brilliant. Only one other modern Olympic Games has had 100% of the events within the city limits like Chicago will. Also, the venues will be within the closest proximity of one another than in any other Olympics.

I went to a rally in downtown Chicago yesterday to celebrate the U.S. bid and I was brimming with pride to hear our city officials so passionate to bring the Games here and to see how the city will come together to be a proper host for the world's athletes and the greatest international sporting event.

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