What Olympic equestrian event has a name that’s French for “training”?


How many meters is running marathon ?

Is it dressage??
Dressage is a competitive event where the horse and rider are judged on the elegance, precision, and discipline of the horses movements. The horse is trained to carry out a series of precise controlled movements in response to minimal signals from its rider.

Name Britainstwo gold medallists in track & field & thier events?

dressage i think

Who (countries) had the most gold medals in the olympics this year?

Has to be dressage

Where does first asian games held?

It is dressage. Its fundamental aim is to deveolop the horses potential as a riding horse through progressive training techniques. The ancient Greeks held similar events but the event in its modern form dates back to the Renaissance.

Who do you contact if you want to run the 800 & 1500 in the olympics?


1952 Olympics?


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