A significant amount of money and time is spent on testing for the use of drugs in sport. How important is it?


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i thank its very important, i believe a athlete should be drug free and honest enough with themselves that they have the ability to beat someone honestly and fairly.. when they use drugs to build themselves up they cheat and i honestly cant see how anyone can say they won when they cant do it under their own abilities. to me its a matter of pride !!

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i think that it is important coz drugs are being produced now that are very hard to detect in the body, and so are becoming very tempting to some athletes. although it is a shame that the minority are ruining it for the rest by cheating, it is vital that they are caught so that the others have a fair chance of winning. so yes, it is very important

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I think that drug testing is very important. I believe that everyone should be able to play on an even playing field and that nobody should get an extra advantage by cheating. It's not fair to those people who don't cheat and those cheaters really don't end up getting anything in the end, except a guilty concious. That's one of the reasons why I'm so disgusted with some major pro sports, like baseball. Shame on all of them!!

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