Approximately how many hours of the Winter Olympics did you watch on TV?

I watched roughly 20 hours on my local NBC affilliate in Northern California.


What are the level 4 gymnastics floor deductions?

As I got to see the entire games live (from 9.00am to 11.00pm GMT) that would amount to 224 hours!

Why are cowbells traditionally rung at the winter olympics?

0, zip, zilch, nada.

Has anyone heard of the girl that started training for the winter olympics whe she was 2?


What 34-year-old former Olympic gold winner got hitched to U.S. gymnast Bart Conner in 1996?

I found the American version available very poor.
Any crew which would switch from a third place performance to show an American in another event who was 29th, should not be watched.
They should have taped the Americans and showed all of them at a later date.

My muscle are not cameing out in body building from last 1 year what can i do ?

A whole whopping zero.

Who do y'all think is gonna win Dancing with the Stars?


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