1980 olympic champions in figure scating?


Which city hosted the last Olympic Summer Games to be held in Germany?

Men's Singles:
Gold - Robin Cousins (United Kingdom)
Silver - Jan Hoffmann (East Germany)
Bronze - Charles Tickner (USA)

Women's Singles:
Gold - Anett Pötzsch (East Germany)
Silver - Linda Fratianne (USA)
Bronze - Dagmar Lurz (Germany)

Gold - Irina Rodnina / Aleksandr Zaytsev (Soviet Union)
Silver - Marina Cherkasova / Sergey Shakray (Soviet Union)
Bronze - Manuela Mager / Uwe Bewersdorff (East Germany)

Ice Dancing:
Gold - Natalya Linichuk / Gennadi Karponossov (Soviet Union)
Silver - Krisztina Regöczy / Andras Sallay (Hungary)
Bronze - Irina Moiseyeva / Andrey Minenkov (Soviet Union)

The site below gives you Gold, Silver, and Bronze winners in each of these categories from 1908 to 2002.

When do they play basketball in the olympics?

Men -- Robin Cousins (Great Britain)
Women -- Anett Pötzsch (East Germany)
Pairs -- Irina Rodnina & Aleksandr Zaitsev (USSR)
Ice Dancing -- Natalya Linichuk & Gennadiy Karponosov (USSR)

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