Can Anyone Stand Bode Miller?

What is wrong with this dude? Why can't he shut up?


How many people were able to compete in the ancient greek olympics? Who invented the Greek Olympics?

What would really psych out his opponents would be actually finishing a race.

Can you be a little less of a jerk during your sports biggest event, Jeez. I just hope the sponsers all tell him to kiss off.

R u a genius in olympics?

Bode is my hero, anyone who can ski like that while hung over is worthy

For erging what is the convertion to get your time when you know your ave split and distance?

I love Bode

Why are the Olympic medals being awarded at the Winter Games in Torino, Italy made to look like CDs?

It's all a big front to psyche out his opponents. I don't have an opinion one way or the other just so long as he brings home a medal, preferrably the Gold.

Which cities have hosted the summer Olympics more than once?

Ski like what dar? A loser? A DQ, 2 other DNF's, and 0 medals does not make you a great skier. This guy needs to realize he stinks, do everyone a favor, and just shut up. Nike should drop him like a bad habit.

Any ideas for some new olympic sports?

I may be in the minority, but I didn't ever see Bode Miller say he was going to win any medals. To the contrary, in the 60 Minutes interview, he said that winning a medal wasn't the most important thing.

On the otherhand, the press started this drumbeat about how he could, then would win all these gold medals, then quickly forgot and start calling him overhyped, forgetting that they not he, were the source of the hype.

Wait two years. When the summer games roll around, the press will start building up unreal expectations for somebody. It will probably be some swimmer who they expect to win more gold medals than Mark Spitz. As soon as they miss in one event, the press will turn on them and trumpet their failure.

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