Are marathon runners addicts?

It may be a healthier addiction than most, yet it still seems abnormal. It seems a bit like an socially accepted version of chinese water torture.


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No, why does someone in an advanced state of fitness have to be an addict? People have been running long distances since before the ancient Olympics. It not there fault if "normal" is the average couch potato...

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although some runners experience an endorphin high while running, this is completely a natural occurence, since it comes from their own body, in contrast to adding foreign substances to their physiology to produce a similar result. so i think it is not an addiction.

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Possibly. I'm not aware of any scientific research that demonstrates physical addiction but I imagine that there is some emotional addiction in play. As a marathoner myself, I can attest to the need to have a race ahead, something to train for, a goal in mind. This isn't something that is a common trait in my life - it's largely associated with marathons. However, I wouldn't say that I am addicted.

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well most arent coz im a long distance runner n im not adicted but if u take people like paula radcliffe then i belive that she is an addict because she isnt the best in the world any more so she has to try n b the best again

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