Can a high jumper be disqualified if found to have a frog in his throat?

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What is on august 15th 2008?

That's a complicated question. The fact that he has a frog in his throat does not immediately disqualify him from the competition. The frog in question would have to submit to a urine test to see if he has an unnatural amount of steroids in his system. If yes - he's disqualified and faces a one year ban from competition. If no - he is cleared and may compete in anyone's throat.

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If it's a dead frog, no problem!

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According to GAFHJ (Global Association of Fantasy High Jumping), he'll not only be disqualified, but he/she will also have to hand-write apology letters to every spectator in the stadium. See GAFHJ publication N4-300(a), subsection q, fine print note 14(c) " for complete explaination.

Please heeelp?

only if it is an african bull frog, anything else is just a 5 point penalty. Interestingly enough one is allowed to carry a badger in his pocket if and only if it has never been pregnant and the high jumper didnt eat potatoes in the past 4 months.

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