2010 Olympics in Vancouver.. good or bad?

Seems like our fine govt. here in BC thinks that this is going to be great. Well our house prices have sky rocketed to the point that new ppl that r moving into the interior (this isnt even Vancouver) cannot even afford to buy anything because our wages dont meet the high cost of living here. There is a big boom in construction right now, and workers wanted everywhere. Im amazed that ppl could be out of work here due to the shortage on employees. What r ur thoughts and opinions on this topic? I feel we r going to be in a lot of trouble after the Olympics, the costs r going to be outrageous and we as tax payers r going to be footing the bill.


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Trust me Denver, Colorado voted out the Winter, Olympics and all the above mentioned factors growth and outrageous prices in the Rockies happened any ways.

You all ready have the famous Whistler, B.C. and people know about this. Besides Salt Lake City made money from the Olympics do a better job of private funding. Ice Hockey tournament will be sold out.

Your city is on the Pacific Rim growth will still happen. Finally the huge Asian investment has nothing to do with the Winter Olympics.

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I was born in Vancouver, and have seen it grow over the past 100 years!!(lol) anyway, if the city does it right and calculates the cost involved and gets the buy-n from the community at large, it could become a very international city and that would be good for everyone. Cost of housing, etc... those happen all over the western world, not just there!

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