Anabolics are illegal in USA? i'm not american.thank you?


Please tell me why the 400metres race is so important, and not the 1500metres.?

Yes, they are considered a "controlled substance" and can only be manufactured, distributed, or possessed under approved medical supervision.

Help My Calculate My One Rep Max?

I'm not Amercian but I am assuming the answer would be yes.

How do they get ice to freeze sideways on the luge track, and do they resurface it between runs and if so how?

What sport are we talking about here?

The governing body of the Olympic event decides what is legal for all athletes in competition regardless of country of origin. You might want to search for the anti-doping list for that governing body.


The governing body that oversees Olympic events in my sport and also in amatuer events it sponsors is FINA (Federation of International Aquatics). Whether I compete in America or Europe is irrelevant. All swimmers must comply or face disqualification and bannishment from the sport.

When will power lifting be an Olympic event?

only if you get caught

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