How many different sports and events were there in the 2004 Athens Olympics?


What is the difference between a triple toe loop jump and a triple flip jump in figure skating?

28 Sports with over 301 Events.

Summer Sports-Aquatics (both men/women swimming/water polo,diving, only women compete in synchronized swimming)
Archery- (both men and women individual/team)
Athletics-divided into track events, field events, road events(man/women's marathon -men 20-50km race walking -women 10km race walking) combined heptatholon-women/decatholon -men.
Badmitten-doubles/single both men and women
Baseball -only men
Basketball- men/women
Boxing-only men different weight classes
Canoe/Kayak- (both men and women Canoe/Kayak flatwater-Salom only men in canoe/both in kayak)
Cycling -(3 disciplines road,track,and mountain biking) note only men compete in Keirin/madison
Equistrein- (3 disciplines dressage/eventing/jumping every thing is team-individual only mixed Olympic sport.)
Fencing- both men/women (foil,sabre,and epee) Note no team women's epee no men's team foil.
Football -(soccer) men/women
Gymnastics-3 disciplines- artistic (men/women team and individual.) men/women trampoline. Note only women compete in rythmic gymnastics (group/individual)
Handball- men/women
Hockey -(field)-men/women
Judo- men/women weight classes
Modern Pentatholon- men/women
Rowing-men/women in different events
Sailing-some men/women/mixed
Softball-only women
Table Tennis-men/women both single-doubles
Taekwondo-men/women diffferent weight classes
Tennis- men/women both singles/doubles
Volleyball- men/women (indoor-beach)
Weightlifting-men/women (different weight classes)
Wrestling-men/women (different weight classes)

Here is all sports/events

What us the best way to fundraise for a USA National Team?

I don't know how many there were but all i could think of is there was bobsled, snowboarding, hockey, skiing and speed skating. That's what i could think of. I'm sorry if i didn't answer the whole question:(

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