Can fat people do gymnastics?

it is not for me, for my friend


How do an athlete train?

yes they can. If they do it might be good for them because it is a good way to lose weight for younger people and it will make them flexible. so in doing gymnastics she will lose weight and become better at gymnastics.

I live in Canada how can I tryout for the olympics?

Fat people can barely put their pants on. I know; I'm fat.

What are the values embodied by the olympic games?

sure but not very good

How do you get on the Olympics Commitee?

Your "friend" should already know... When's the last time your "friend" saw a fat gymnast on the mats at the Olympics?

Are they using the same track at Turin (2006 winter olymics) for the skelaton, luge and bobsled races?

In between recovering from bone fractures, yeah.

Sweeden or finland who did you want to win for olympics?

I would lose the weight first. You need to be quick, strong, and light for gymnastics. Having extra weight can hurt yourself. Jogging every day, fruit for breakfast, salad for lunch, and a regular dinner will help.

What is the best kind of clothes for running in cold weather?

Yes, definately. Gymnastics can be seen as individual bliss. Like with yoga, everyone does to own capability. If your friend is fat, (s)he should start with mild day one exercises. Perhaps it would not be recommendable though, if your friend is fat because of the lack of any physical exercise. In that case swimming and trotting would be a better option. Gymnastics can be dangerous. One can suffer serious injuries.

I assume your friend is too old for corrective gymnastics. Corrective gymnastics is to correct the bone structure, etc.

But, if you are talking about competitive gymnastics, then only 1.3m, 30kg, menstrual periodless 13 year old girls, and rather shorter guys take the credit of purely visual standards. At least that is how the "majority" sees it.

Competitive gymnastics is one of the most absurd Olympic disciplines. It is like if there were only one category in boxing. It is sick and discriminating. Does not transmit the Olympic message.

Where can you get Mary Lou Rettons Olympic performance?

but i think if you are lighter, it will be big advantage

Gymnastic leotards?

sure if but they would be fat anymore

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