Are the Olympics worth 9BN pounds?

NO! I would say what about you


Why should rhode island host the olympics?

No. Let me say that again.


I'm desperate for an extra £25 this week because the electric bill came in at the same time as my rent was due. I'll probably get evicted over it but the country needs nuclear weapons and pole vaulters!!
It is actually a slap in the face of everyone dying on a NHS waiting list or of any of the people suffering from one of the many social problems we don't seem to care about in this country. I'm sure it's worth spending 9 billion on games and prestige when your lifes sorted and your finacially secure and have been lucky enough to no longer really know the value of money. Still a drop in the ocean as to the money this country wastes dailey, I work for the civil service, I could tell a thing or two if this gets you wound up.

How far is 5km?

Nope! I know someone who has one of the contracts for some of the building work, the money they are making is ludicrous.

I'm searching for bryan nickson?

no chance its a waste of taxs payers money

What is the basic gears in snowboarding?

How about NO NO NO

Do you think professional athletes should be allowed to compete in the Olympics?

No, better things could be done with that money, ie schools, the poor etc

Which year was the first olympics held?

no is anything worth 9bn.ifail to see how anyone can show a return on such a sum

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