Am I ready for the olympics?

I can bike 3 hours straight, I can run 6 hours straight, I can do 50 pullups and I can swim for 2 hours straight.


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The real question is how fast can you swim 1.5- kilometers, ride a bike for 40-kilometers, and run for 10-km all in one event? Because the event that combine this all in one day is the triathlon and you have to do this with no breaks.

Tim Don, Great Britain won the 2006 Triathlon World Championships 1:51:32. Men are usually expected to finish this event around. 1 hour and 50 minutes.

Finally and most importantly how dedicated, disciplined, and committed are you? I don't care how physically fit and talented you are if you aren't willing to go through the hours and days of training to be an elite athlete. Will you listen to your coach?

Here is the link for the USA ITU Federation so if you have what it takes look for info about entering a triathlon event in your area.

Finally with all the swimming you do look into competing in open water swimming IE marathon swimming at distances around 5km-10km. It's not just how far you can swim , but how fast can you swim. Go to USA swimming for more info.

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not tryin to be ignorant. but i dont think we are exactly the people to answer that for you.

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Seriously, what you are recording is pure endurance. The Olympics demand speed along with endurance. For example, the Olympic record for a 100m sprint is under 10 seconds, so it doesn't really matter if you can run 6 hours straight or not, it depends on how fast you can do the first 100 meters.
But it sounds as though you are in awesome condition, and you should be congratulated for that.

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yeah, you sound like you're ready! Sometimes you need to be the FASTEST though. If you are fast at all of these, AND you can do it for a long time without stopping, I'd say you have a good chance.

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NO, You have not mentioned what event yet. It's not how long you can go, but can you finish in the top 3.

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