Are you American ashamed that you haven't done well in the Paralympics for a rich country?


Im looking for a site where i can find video clips of olympic gymnasts in competition?

In international sports competitions elite athletes from all around the world compete. Why be ashamed if some of best athletes aren't from America. My answer is no.

Nation states shouldn't try to use athletic achievement to determine how successful their society/system of government is. The GDR (East Germany) was guilty of this since they pegged athletic achievement as proof their political system was superior.

What was melinda gainsfords name before gainsford -taylor and who is she married to and what year did she chan

We are not ashamed, we can accept that there are things we are good at and things we are not good at; that is the way of things and therefore no reason to feel shame.

When are the summer Olympics?

no, not at all, but thanks for asking

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