1952 Olympics?

What female athlete was the first (among women and men) to win Olympic gold medals in these two particular events at the 1952 games, had a child, and eight months later won Olympic gold for the same two events in the 1956 games? Her child then went on to compete in the same event in the 1984 Olympics and won a silver medal.


Who was Major Dhyanchand?

Pat McCormick is the only woman diver in history to win 3 m Springboard and 10 meter platform gold medals in back-to-back Olympics.

In the 1952 Summer Olympics at Helsinki, Pat competed in the 10 metre platform and 3 metre springboard competitions, winning both.

In the 1956 Summer Olympics at Melbourne, Pat competed same two events and repeated her gold medal performances. No other women was won double-double in Olympic diving.

In 1983 Pat's daughter, Kelly McCormick won the Pan American Games gold medal, but in 1984 she battled a back injury that hospitalized her for six weeks before the Olympic trials. She recovered to win the trials and then the Olympic silver medal on the 3m springboard in Los Angeles behind Canada’s Sylvie Bernier. She also won the 1988 Olympic trials with a torn calf muscle and the Olympic bronze medal in Seoul behind Gao Min of China.

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