Can any of you gymnasts tell me the steps to the level5 or bronze routines?

Any of them.


Are the russian hockey team favored in the olympics?

well im not sure but here.

stading back tuck?
standing front flip?
puruet(handstand full twist)

well idk alot of them.

My uncle was in the olympics a few years ago anyone remember Rick Oleksyk?

it would take a really long time and it depends what routine, look it up on the internet somewhere

Best ice skates for a novice(child) ice skater??

it depends on which music ur doing it to. the basic skills are involved like round off backhandspring, fronthandspring, different leaps, ect.

How would a Sabbatarian athlete be able to compete in the Olympics, if they can't compete on Saturday?

if you are talking about floor, i can list the skills for you: dive roll, front handspring, split leap, side hop, full turn, hitch kick, back walkover, round-off back handspring backhandspring.

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