Can the 4th runner in a 4x100 cut into the second lane? or just 1st?

?? cuz i'm running fourth and everyone tells me to cut in but if someone is ahead of you in the lane them why cut?


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Sorry all runners(leg/exchange) have to stay in their lane all the way around. Perhaps as I am assuming you are running an indoor meet at this time of the year(4 X 200, 4X 400) you can cut in after the 1st runner. If someone is ahead of you, you can run in the next outside lane to go around him then cut back in.

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No in the 4 x 100 you must stay in your lane all the way to the finish line. In the 4x 400, you can move in after the first 400. But in your race you will be disqualified. This is for two reasons: one, you can shorten your leg of the run, thus not making it a fair race and, most importantly, you may interfer with other runners.

So stay in your lane and have a great race!

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In the 4x100 relay if you go out of your lane you will be disqualified. You must stay in your lane.

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No runner in the 4X100 can go into any other lane than their own lane.

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you must stay in your lane all the way to the finish

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