How do you do a cartwheel?


How have the Winter Olympics been affected since professionals were allowed to participate?

Go to this link:

Just click the above link and there's a lot iof information that you looking for.

Do u think india budget for common wealth games which is to be held in 2010 in well gud?

No idea...never could do one!

Are the Olympics worth 9BN pounds?

practice by lfting (if youre a righty)your right foor up a few inches, bend your knee and puy your weight on that foot while turning to your body to the right to put both hands down and land on your left foot, facing the opposite way you started, its hard to explain in words, so heres a tutorial i found on youtube, it might be helpfull, good luck!

Does anybody know what u need/can't have for optional's floor routines for gymnastics?

you run, lift ur arms, put ur hands on the ground, swing ur (staight) knees in the air, push hard thru ur arms and land

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