What important event occured in july 18 1992?


Olympic swimming ?

Sharon Belden, of Fla, 25, crowned Miss World USA

Singers Whitney Houston and Bobby Brown marry

Helen Windsor (daughter of English prince Edward) weds Timothy Taylor

Film critic Roger Ebert marries Chaz Hammel-Smith

When is next winter and summer olymics ?

The Olympics in 1992 don't start until July 25. What important event happened on that day?

Who is the Fastest Man in the world, Justin Gatlin can or Asafa Powell?

The ten victims of the La Cantuta massacre disappeared from their university in Lima.
But then this has nothing to do with Olympics.

Why should I pay for the Olympics?

I won $5

Which brand of stopwatches was used in the 1928 olympics for the swimming races?

As far as the Olympics... not much?

Where do I find a summer program for my child in milwaukee,wisconsin?

yes is 326 days before OJ Simpson was blamed for the murders of his wife. you confused O Olympics with O OJ

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