2016 Olympic Location?

Question:I've seen many posts here regarding who should host the 2016 summer olympics, and Los Angeles seems to be every favorite, however, there seems to be some missing facts.

In My opinion, the Olympics should be held in places that haven't had it before. This is an international union of people, and should be spread out throughout the globe.

I know there are some countries that could never afford to have the olympics, but who's turn should it be?


Which of the coloured circles on the olympic flag represent ASIAN CONTINENT?

I think Chicago will/should get the bid for two reasons:

(1) Los Angeles have hosted the Olympics twice already, in 1932 and recently in 1984.

(2) I'm pretty sure the 1904 Olympic Games was originally scheduled for Chicago but relocated to St Louis by President Roosevelt at the time.

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I couldnt agree with you more.

Check out the list

1896 - Athens, Greece
1900 - Paris, France
1904 - St. Louis, Missouri USA
1906 - Athens, Greece*
1908 - London, England
1912 - Stockholm, Sweden
1916 - Not held**
1920 - Antwerp, Belgium
1924 - Paris, France
1928 - Amsterdam, Holland
1932 - Los Angeles, California USA
1936 - Berlin, Germany
1940 - Not held***
1944 - Not held***
1948 - London, England
1952 - Helsinki, Finland
1956 - Melbourne, Australia
1960 - Rome, Italy
1964 - Tokyo, Japan
1968 - Mexico City, Mexico
1972 - Munich, Germany
1976 - Montreal, Canada
1980 - Moscow, Russia
1984 - Los Angeles, California USA
1988 - Seoul, South Korea
1992 - Barcelona, Spain
1996 - Atlanta, Georgia USA
2000 - Sydney, Australia
2004 - Athens, Greece
2008 – China
2012 - London

As you can see, the last 16 years the olympics was overseas. Now they're talking about bringing it to the United States.

LA has put in their bid, however as you can see from the list, LA has already had it twice.

Unless someone else in the United States bids for it, My vote is for Chicago. Some place different.

How often are the olmpics held?

I agree with you that the 2016 Summer Olympic Games should be held someplace that has never held the Summer Olympic Games. I believe the best place to host the 2016 Summer Olympics would either be Cape Town, South Africa or Rio de Janiero, Brazil because the continent of Africa or South America has never hosted the Summer Olympics Before.

What do you have to do to qualify for the olypmics?

Chicago is a good choice.

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Even though I'm a native born and raised in Los Angeles (and still living there), I have to agree with you that Chicago will be a great city to host the Olympic games. Considering the many problems my hometown is currently facing, I don't think this is a good time. Don't get me wrong, I love LA, but its city and county government should concentrate on cleaning up their reputation before LA can really become a serious candidate to host a world event like the Olympics. I still have great memories of 1984, but for now, twice is enough for LA. I wish the best for Chicago.

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Most Olympic Games have been held in European and North American cities; only a few games have been held in other places, which were still limited to eastern Asian cities. All bids by countries in South America and Africa have failed. Many non-westerners believe the games should expand to include locations in poorer regions. Economists point out that the massive infrastructure investments could springboard cities into earning higher GDP after the games.

In the past, the IOC has often been criticised for being a monolithic organisation, with several members remaining a member at old age, or even until their deaths. The leadership of IOC president Juan Antonio Samaranch especially has been strongly criticised. Under his presidency, the Olympic Movement made great progress, but has been seen as autocratic and corrupt. Samaranch's ties with the former fascist government in Spain, and his long term as a president (21 years)—until he was 81 years old—have also been points of critique.

It wil be given to a city in S. America orAfrica if they make a good proposal. They Olympicshave never been held on either contenient. Both Rio and Capetown have made strong bids in the past. If Rio pulls of hosting the Pan Am games they will be leading.

Is the minimum age the same for all Olympic sports?

Olympics meant to be and influence to achieve the best you can make friendships and bring people together in friendly civil environment and and praise the god dias by way god means {Grandeur Off Dias } and should be done at the country that started instead dragging around like a circus show

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It's Chicago.

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There has been no Olympics in Japan since 64.
I believe Korea would also like them.

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