Are the Olympics a waste of money?


How do you get into the olympics for wrestling?

I'll have to start off by saying that my viewpoint is that of a complete amateurs, but it's my honest opinion.

The host cities spend a lot of money in preparation for an Olympic Games, of course. For example, Beijing has to pay for the construction of Beijing National Stadium, a major expansion on its subway system, and other implementations.

But think about all of the people that are buying tickets and packing the stadiums, putting their money back into the city, as well as what all of the sponsors, etc. are garnering for the city.

Besides, if an Olympic Games would be damaging to the city hosting it, than why would they have bid to host it in the first place. Surely they're not trying to waste the cities money; they're trying to help the city.

Also, has any Olympics ever truly been a waste of money? Just brush it all aside and try to enjoy the games.

Will any athletics go missing from the Olympic city this time?

wtff maan no! if it wasn't for the olympics there would be no football( soccer what you yanks call it) which is the best sport on earth. Olymics are the essential to all the worlds sports, they're like the foundation.

Were Can I Buy olympics 2008 Tickets When I`m in S-A?

From a financial perspective, Yes they are, but they make us feel good. so I guess not then

I am a freshman in high school and track is about to start?

U make billions of dollars by hosting olympics.

When did the Olympics become the international and televised games that they are today.?


In olympic Games in Athens 2004 Iraqi football team beat Portuguese team, do you know the result?

no. they have the best concerts. like a few years ago savage garden did affirmation live at the olympics in sydney. XD

Who was the first Indian to win an international title in badminton abroad?

I would say that the Olympics are a good investment for two reasons. 1. There are countries in this world that put a l;ot of time and money into their best athletes in an effort to help the individual in international competition. 2. It also helps that country in the intertnational limelight of publicity and may improve that image of that country. This is more notable in the Eastern block nations like the old Soviet Union countries that are now self governed.

Who lit the torch in torino yesterday?

I don't think so. I think they are a good venue for countries to compete on an international level. It is a good way to unite each individual country behind their finest athletes. I DO think it's a little odd that so many of the people that compete for other countries live and train in the USA. AND I think the coverage of the events leave something to be disired.

Will lacrosse, chest, bridge or poker ever get into the olympics?

Its hard to say. Atlanta spend a crapload of money to host the Olympics only to be accused of being too commercial. I think in some cases it can put a town on the map. The individual events were a bit over priced. If I had to travel internationally just to attend an event, I would say its way over priced.

Should we abolish the PanAmerican games and install the Latin American games in the place?

No the olympics are not a waste of money. It can completely change the face of your national economics if you host them, as it brings in a huge amount of money.

Countries participated in the olympics?

r u kidding?u can make alot of money.u jus have 2 sometimes risk ur lives 4 it.

Who wants to...?

Not really. If you r rich it wouldn't be a probably.

Wy thise girls hso the medal point?

I think anything that can distract the world from all the terrible things that go on, like the olympics, is a great thing indeed - At whatever cost.

Any former competitive gymnasts wish you had not been? Was it worth the time, $$, and impact on your body?

That's like asking if the sun is too bright. Sure the Olympics are expensive, but they do more good than harm.
For one thing, they inspire people to be fit, committed, and above all else: dream.

Also, The Olympics boost both the economy and international reputation of the host city/country.

Trust me. As an Olympic hopeful... I know from experience that the road to the Olympics is far more expensive than the road once you're there. Besides, so what if you spend your life saving in pursuit of a dream that can really come true.

"What good is a man if he gains all the wealth of the world, but loses his soul in the process?"

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