Can some one give em the steps of a backflip on the trampoline?

I need the steps please.


Who was the first nigerian to win an individual olympic gold medal?

stand up straight sit like ur sittin in a chair then swing ur arms down then up and push off ur feet as hard as u can and when ur in a hand stand push off ur hands hard so that ull get a landing & so that u wont la nd on ur head hope this helps this is how i learned

What is olympic shani davis e-mail?

1. Jump
2. Spin backwards
3. Land on feet...not head!

Ok. can anyone give me information about the olympic flag?

1.Find a trampoline and get to know simple tricks to start with; mainly, learn how to do a back drop.
2. Try to bounce as high as you can. A beginner will need a lot of air space for this trick.
3. Do the flip. Right as you reach the peak height of your jump, do a pelvic thrust, kick off both of your feet forward as hard as you can, and throw your head back.
4. Keep your eyes open so you can look at the ground as soon as possible, when you are almost done flipping.
5. Tuck your feet in to get a little extra boost around the flip.
6. Land by planting your feet.


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