1988 Olympics?

Question:The 1988 summer games were held in Seol, South Korea.

But when I looked up the 1988 Olympics, I found the 1988 WINTER games held in Calgary, Alberta.

Further research indicates double-competition years (where both winter and summer were held) from 1924 through 1992.




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From 1924 to 1992 both Olympics were held on the same year. They probably just wanted to keep them both on the same year to make it easier on everyone. It could be that they split for monetary reasons.

Who is this person?

They changed the schedule after 1992 and held the Winter Olympics again 2 years later in 1994 and then every four years after that. That way, we have an Olympic competition every two years alternating between summer and winter.

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The olympics is traditionally a summer sport, but when they wanted to have winter sports added, they couldn't do it at the same venue due to the seasons.

Initially, it was held the same year because it was an olympic year, but then they decided to change it to 2 years after so it won't clash with the summer olympics.

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