1988 Olympics in Seoul, Korea?

Does anyone know the winner of the ladies javelin in the 1988 Olympic games in Seoul, Korea. I think it could have been Petra something or other.


Who is the female olympic snowboarder who is a christian?

1. Petra Felke (DDR) 74.68 OR
2. Fatima Whitbread (GBR) 70.32
3. Beate Koch (DDR) 67.30
4. Irina Kostiuchenkova (SOV) 67.00
5. Silke Renk (DDR) 66.38
6. Natalya Yermolovich (SOV) 64.84
7. Donna Mayhew (USA) 61.78
8. Ingrid Thyssen (FRG) 60.76

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Whoops sorry did not read all of your question. Spent ages trying to google the answer you want but can't find it sorry.

What Olympic athlete did you enjoy the most to watch?

tina lilak or petra felka can't remember which one

Whats the reason for India not performing well in football and olympics?

The winner of the 1988 Olympics Women Javelin was Petra Felke (GDR)

What are some differences between modern olympics and ancient olympics?

Petra Felke from East Germany.

Should women boxing be included in olympics?

petra felke

Name five us athletes participating in the winter olympics?

Petra Felke

When are marathon pasta meals held -before or after the marathon and why ?

Petra Felke-Meier of EAST GERMANY (GDR) won the javelin throw at the 1988 Seoul Summer Olympic Games. she throw at a distance of 72.30 metres which was the new Olympic Games record at that time.

What is the difference between acient &modern olympic games?

petra felky

Is anybody that's reading this ever competed at the Olympics or been close to making the team?

Petra Felke-Meier, from GDR
can't remember thje distance thrown sorry.

USA Olympic city bid for 2016?

tina lilak or petra felka i am not sure which one,,,,,petra is coming to my mind,,,,good luck

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