Can anyone name the only American athlete ever to represent the US at 8 Olympiads?

Hint: He isn't a basketball player or a swimmer.


How many golds does a basketball team can get in the olympics? Is it just one for the team or 1 per player?

i'd like to say it's equestrian competitor ian millar, but he's from canada... i'd also venture to guess it's michael phelps, but he's an eight-time medalist not olympian...

are we talking para or special olympics here then?

What are the names of all the cities that will take part in hosting the Beijing Olympics 2008?

wasn't he a hammer thrower

Pennsylvania has the only U.S. town named for a Native American athlete who also was an Olympic medalist.?

Didn't we have a master Judo Olympian or maybe a Greco Roman wrestler that went to a bunch of Olympic games?

Where is the site of the 2006 summer olympics?

was it a female ice skater, her first name was Peggy Fleming (I just thought of her last name)

Who do you think needs to host the Olympics in the years close and far to come?

I don't know ! Is he from UCLA? I heard from my brother who is a UCLA student that IF UCLA WERE A COUNTRY IT WOULD BE NUMBER FIVE IN OLYMPIC MEDALS! (Not including USA)By the way when are the Olympics coming to Los Angeles again? I hear something like 2016 is that true?

Where can I find a video clip of Derrick Redman's 1992 olympic 400m race?

Al Oerter? i think he won Gold in 4 Olympics

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