Ancient greek olympics... Need some URLS to get some answears from. please and thanks =]]?

Question:I need some websites that will help me find out this information..

a. Who could and could not compete in the games

b. How did the athletes cleaned themselves after competition and training


c. Rewards given to the victors

Thank you soo much, I just cant stay focused, highschool is soo hard, just wait.. if u havent gone yet.. so far this week were going to have a total of 4 test... ahhh so im trying to focus on those while getting my homework in.. and agiain.. THANKS! =]

URL's or short answears I can understand will help.. please try to avoid big words :P cause im not that good with vocab.. lol


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Okay try these URLs on the ancient games.

a. Olympic games where only open to Greek male citizens that where residents of city states. Roman citizens where able to eventually compete in the games.

No women, slaves, foreign workers foreigners, and children.

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I know what you can find in my country. If you find 2 excellent books: "Legends of Olympia" by Cleanthis Paleologos and "The Olympic Discus" by Jan Parandtowski, they tell you a lot of things. Also Pindar's poems...
But I can give you some short answers:
a. What they had to swear and bring witnesses for was that they were Greeks, free (ie no slaves) and with a pure soul. So basically:All Greeks throughout the world, who were not slaves and did not have a murder on their hands could compete. Only male athletes could compete and in fact women were not even allowed to spectate, under penalty of death. One Theban woman did spectate however, dressed as a man,they wanted to put her to death, but seeing that she was the mother of a wrestler who had just won his 5-th Olympic crown, there was such an uproar that they pardoned her.
b. They usually used oil to cleanse the body. Modern scholars are not sure which kind of oil, or how they did it.
c. Usually the city lavished all kinds of rewards on an Olympionic (Olympic winner). He could eat for free for the rest of his nlife, be exempt from all taxes, they gave him gold, silver, horses and what not. He could marry any girl he chose, even the king's daughter, no matter if he was of humble condition (this was because of a prophecy made in the Delphi Oracle about the ill fate expecting cities which refused something to their Olympionics). Usually the Olympionics were exempt from military duty (except in Sparta):the rationale was that if the guy got killed or wounded in war he would not be able to compete in subsequent Olympics and win again.

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try Wikipedia

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