2012 Games?

What do you think now of the 2012 games that we are all over budget and we still have to pay the cost, by the 2012 games coming would we really see the benefits of the income i think not the goverment will swollow it all.


Squash racquets?

i thing it's about time the Olympics to stay home where they came from and stop dragging them around they only make them crooked and that is not what they supposed to be..

Anyone planning to go to the 2008 Olympics?

You may get it paid off in 30yrs like Montreal finally did in 2006, Good luck

What is the name of the Olympic Theme that they always play on the news?

Just look at Barcelona, Sydney and Athens - we will all benefit and it will be great!

How did the olympics become a world wide competition?

Anything great always has a price. But look at all the attention that London will get, the glory, and the fun!

The Summer Olympic Games are maybe the most special public event that the world has. Just take the time to enjoy them, really absorb yourself in them. It's over before you know it, and then you wish that they were still there.

Anyway, it will be another 5 years yet. No worries.

John in the USA ;-)

What do you think about gymnastics?

the olampic 2012 in londan

Are the Winter Olympics live from Torino, Italy?

They will steal from the lottery to pay for it.

I am a cheerleader and i can't seem to do a back handspring how do i do one?

Would it not be more practical to put nine billion pounds into training our young athletes for future Olympics?

Anybody think the 200m record could be broken?

I want to play for Russia in the 2012 summer olympic games (basketball). I play in small forward position. I'm 12 years old now and in the Vilnius (Lithuania) Basketball School I'm my teams leader. 19,7 points per game, 9,2 rebounds per game and 3,6 blocks per game. Get ready USA and Spain.

I want to do BMXing in the 2012 Olympics. How do I do it. I can bmx really good.?

It may be a success, or it could be a flop with paying for the Olympics. I should also say that the government could pay for the games with some of the taxes. But you never know! It is still 5 years until those games.

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