Are you or anyone you know involved in Special Olympics?


Was Jesse Owens the only black man to win olympic gold in Germany while Hitler was in power and in attendance?

When I was in college, I participated in Special Olympics. My roommate and I joined a bowling group and worked with three elderly men who had special needs. They were so sweet and I really looked forward to each week with them. The program is very well run, and the service feels so good. While I went for them, I feel like I got the most out of it. If you are thinking about participating, I highly recommend it! :o)

Even now in this day and age, would it be a hard thing to run a sub 4 minute mile?

I am

Who is the greatest woman athlete of all-time? The greatest men's athlete? Why to both questions?

not special but the Para-Olympics. And I'm training for the Transplant Olympics in 2008.

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