Are you happy that London won the 2012 Olympics?

Question:I was happy and proud when the announcement was made that we had won the games but am now in total shock at the costs - why should the taxpayer be made to stump up yet more hard-earned cash to be wasted on this thing?

Was also wondering that since the taxpayer is having to foot the cost, do we not have a right to free tickets and a rebate on tax if the stadium is sold following the games? Surely if we have paid for it then we own it.

What do you think?


What year did th olympic flame was lighted by an archer? do you know any site that carries the video ?

I love the Olympics, it is something that for me shows the best of humanity. The world comes together, representing all nations and all walks of life, and in a friendly atmosphere competes as equals.

When I heard it was coming to London, I was over the moon (until the very next day) and I still am. The Olympics is about more than money, we are privileged that it is coming to us and that the eyes of the world will be on our capital and our culture and everything that makes me proud to be British to celebrate something that, as mentioned above, I think is the best.

I wont go as far as to say sod the cost, but I think the values it has are too easily overlooked when money comes into it. When you think of how much money is pissed away on welfare fakers who cant be assed to work as just one example, I think it is a small price to pay for greatness and for being a part of something that really matters

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I agree, it does seem like a ripoff doesnt it, especially since we dont have a choice in the matter. i cans ee how businesses will prosper and the economy as a whole, but not how the regular employee and house owner. I think a rebate is justified

Do you think an African nation will hold an Olympics (summer, of course) this century?

Unless it costs me any money, yes.

Ive looked online EVERYWHERE, but i cannot find it. I am looking for a 2006 Germany Winter Olympic hat.?

I can't ever remember being so...indifferent.

Was Sydney 2000 the Best Modern Olympics ever ? Why is Australia so good with only a 20 Million population ?

usual mismanagement will mean we actually lose money

When were the ancient Olympics held?

Luckily it is mostly only London council tax payers who are paying not the general population. I love the Olympics and it is very exciting to have it here, but too much political intereference has already soured it. It will cost more and there will be many last minute panics (look at the Dome and Wembley) . On balance, I am dreading it. I bet tickets will be prohibitive too.

How about streaking as an olympic sport?

Yeah, I pretty much agree with you, although to say that the money will be wasted is a slight overstatement. The city that stages the Olympics does get some benefits. It will help regenerate East London and will provide sporting arenas for kids in that area to get involved in sport so it's not a total waste. Some free tickets would definitely would be cool though.

Where, how and when was gymnastics created?

And when it is all over the tax payer will have to keep paying for the upkeep as well - I doubt council tax bills will ever go down.

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Having the okympics here is a lonce ina lifetime thing for most of us.
It gives us the opportunity to show what a wonderful country and people that we are.

The games will leave a long lgacy of good for the future in the local area and for sport all over the uk. It's a chance for us to show the world that we are a firendly nation despite the debacle in iraq

Any gymnasts up in here?

If I were someone in England, no. I don't want International people crowding the streets with firecrackers and fireworks.
Since I'm in USA I'm kinda glad.

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