Can anyone give me a breakdown of the costs of the London 2012 Olympics, Beijing 2008 Olympics and/or Montreal

1976 Olympics, official sites don't seem to have anything so if you can tell me the costs of any of them, hopefully all of them, I will greatly appreciate it. Thanks a lot.


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London 2012 Olympics

In October 2006 the Culture Secretary, Tessa Jowell, announced that the ODA budget may increase from £2.375 billion to £4 billion. [4]. for the London 2012 Olympics

On 21 November Tessa Jowell admitted the cost could rise to £3.3billion [5]. These figures were contradicted by London Mayor Ken Livingston, who pledged the Games would make a profit, and cost less than Ms Jowell's figures [6]

The lists are incomplete:

[edit] Costs
£560 million for new venues, including £250 million for the Olympic Stadium.
£65 million for the Olympic village.
£1.5 billion to run the Games.
£200 million on security.

Beijing 2008 Olympics

Beijing 2008 Olympiad involves an aggregate cost of US$1.625 billion of which the greatest part will be from market development, "on top of some central and local appropriations to be made a major part about 80 percent of the money needed will come from markets."

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It's impossible to give costs for London 2012 and Beijing 2008, as they can always rise before they happen, and the original budget always increases (an obvious example is that Athens 2004 had to massively increase security after 9/11).

No-one has ever come up with an accurate figure for Montreal 1976, but it can be said that the residents of Montreal only finished paying for the games a couple of years ago (there was a tax on cigarettes that was used to pay-off the outstanding amounts).

Don't panic however, this cannot happen to London, because after 1976 the International Olympic Committee made a number of changes: firstly they allowed commercial sponsorship (hence you have companies such as Coca-Cola and McDonalds as "official sponsors"); secondly they now insist on Central Government funding (Montreal was funded purely by the residents of the City); thirdly they give the host City a larger proportion of the television rights money, which is far greater than it was in 1976 when basically the IOC just gave the rights away.

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