Can anyone give me a breakdown of the costs of the London 2012 Olympics, Beijing 2008 Olympics and/or Montreal

1976 Olympics, official sites don't seem to have anything so if you can tell me the costs of any of them, hopefully all of them, I will greatly appreciate it. Thanks a lot.


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Montreal massively overspent on the Olympics with rampant corruption, and lack of financial controls, Montreal lose money, over US$2 billion, when it was all said and done. In fact, the Quebec government — afraid the province would be humiliated internationally — stepped in at the eleventh hour and essentially put the entire municipal Olympic organizing effort under trusteeship. The facilities would likely not have been ready in time for the games had this not happened, a reality trumpeted by the provincial government in a series of "Because of Quebec, we've done it all!" TV commercials. The Olympic Stadium is still known colloquially as the Big Owe (a play on the stadium nickname, the Big O, for the shape of its opening). It's expected that in the fall of 2006, Montreal will finish paying its Olympic debt. For the 1976 Olympics

So what do you make of the whole brouhaha between US Olympic speedskaters Shani Davis and Chad Hedrick?

It's quite impossible to know the cost of Beijing 2008 and London 2012 Olympics, as they are future events. But the 1976 Montreal Olympics cost around 1,5 billion CAD.

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