Can you be a good discus thrower without strength?

With average strength, six three and a beginner (I don't know the technique at all) is it possible to be at least a decent thrower?


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its good that you're nice and tall
However, unfortunately, the discus throw originated as, and has always been an event of technique and strength
However, strength is variable and can always be increased through working out
Your question depends on you
If you want to be a good thrower, you need the drive to do it, thats the most important part
I'm five nine and I've been throwing with my friend on our high school throwing team for about a year and right about now, I'm definitely a decent thrower.
basically, of course you can be a decent thrower
learn the proper technique, see what you can do, and then just keep improving your strength from there
good luck

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It depends on what you mean by decent thrower. In some states you can get away with throws of 125 feet, which is not decent in my state. Your height should help and you should try to get to at least 150 feet as a beginner, but I know of some who can not even get past 100 with your height. They become high jumpers.

If you enjoy this event, then work on the strength and technique and you should get past 175 and some eyes will open up from coaches who would want to work with you. You have potential for throwing it over 200 feet.

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