2010 olympics anyone?

anyone against it? i am. i live in vancouver bc. our health cut backs are extreme, the social welfare is cut back to were people are now dying, education is cut back to were classes are more over populated and children are suffering. i can see these cutbacks only to raise money to host this event. and i don't see the government paying back what they borrowed from the homeless man/women who was cut off and has multiple disabilities. anyone coming to them thats from out of town, or is against them and won't come


Why is Dick Button doing the Olympic ice skating comentary on NBC?Did he move over from ABC?

i'm against it. i live here to and see the cut backs and people who suffer. i actually have that bumper sticker that says healthcare before olympics.

What type of skis do the US Olympians use?

i never heard of a government taking money away from the homeless or poor families for the Olympics . that money mostly come from sponsors private donation and the Olympic committee . have to disagree with you

Does the country with the most medals win the olympics, or are the gold, silver, bronze worth point values?

you're tryin to say that the government should use their money for helping those who need it?

When will the winter olympics opening ceremony be shown again?

I am for it! I dont live in Vancouver Hahahahahhahahahahahhahahahaha...
America Rocks

Does anyone have jokes about Bode Miller and they can please tell me?

Since when the homeless have money to be taken away. Isn't that why they are homeless they have no money and why are they begging for money on the street if they have money then.

What year's olympics was 'Javelin' written for?

No, because I remember how it helped Calgary back in 1988. The Olympics, though may drain things prior, will lift Vancouver tourism both during the games and in the future which...in the long run, will likely return any government money spent.

Also, think of the jobs that the construction has created...again, yes, pulling money out of the government coffers, but putting it into people's pockets that wouldn't have had that money without the work.

It is not cheap to host the games, although when you consider the facilities Vancouver already has in place, its likely cheaper than it would have been in some places.

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