400m hurdles ... need training tips and strategies?

i am 400 and 800m runnner, now i need to learn hurdles i did 300m hurdles last year and on my second race i made it to regionals. but i think that was a fluke. anyone want to give me tips and strategies so i can be a REAL hurdler


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Making to Regionals is good,Congrats. nothing is a fluke. my male hurdler made it to OFSSA every year since I started coaching him in grade 9 and came 5th at OFSSA after starting hurdles for 1st time 5 weeks before.
Lead Leg Drills:
Set up 5 to 6 hurdles 6 to 8 feet apart Set the hurdle height lower than race height; so ladies 30" and men 33" - 39" Practice snapping your lead leg over the hurdle and back down to the ground, but this time try to take three small steps before you reach the next hurdle.

Trail Leg Drills:
Take a hurdle: girls place the hurdle at race height. boys place the hurdle so that it is even with the bottom of your groin. Lean forward as if you were hurdling grab hold of a fence, wall, or another hurdle. Place you lead leg beside hurdle and snap your trail leg over the hurdle.
* First, the hurdles must be brought in closer. Shorten the distance between the first and second hurdle so that you can 3 step without bounding.
* Use your feet to walk off the distance you moved the hurdle from the original marks, now walk off the same distance for all of the other hurdles.
* Run these in practic till in feel like you are getting too close to the next hurdle then move all the hurdles a step forward.
* The transition takes time, do not force the 3 step, so "just run" go over the hurdle with what ever leg comes up. Eventually 3 stepping will occur by itself.

300-400M Hurdles running drills

First 6: - The first six hurdles are setup on the marks. The first six hurdle are then ran at race pace to build rhythm.
Run 5 to 7 of these to build rhythm and strength.

Last 3:
- The last three hurdles are setup on the marks, used for 300 hurdle training to build strength.
Run 3 to 5 of these to build strength.

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Hurdles can be hard at first when ur running up to the hurdle plant ur left foot and sreach ur right foot out straight over the hurdke as ur left foot leaves the ground tuck it in and scoop it over the hurdle its not the easiest thing to explain but once u get the hang of it it cums natural

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And remember that as long as your feet are off the ground you are losing speed.

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When I was in college, our coach had the hurdlers run 600 meters (flat) at least once a week to build strength.

They would also do repeats over 5 hurdles and 8 hurdles.

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