About Vancouver 2010 Olympics ---need the answers fast?

I have a question about the 2010 winter olympics because i'm going to have a debate on whether Vancouver should hold the Olympics. (i'm on the Pro-side).so can anyone give me some ideas & arguments?(either pro & con side)..thx


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Basically it is pretty much a given that a community can reject the games. Denver was slated to host in 1976, but a vote killed the games and they were awarded to Innsbrook Austria.

For the record here is a pro and con to help you out.

Pro: The Games inspire civic pride which is the case for most Olympic cities. For example, Los Angeles didn't want the 1984 Olympics because they were thought to be a major sore spot on the *** with the debt the size of Montreal in 1976. However, Los Angeles grew to accept the games because they were privately funded and when they ended, the public didn't want to let go.

Con: The Games are a big letdown and lead to massive overruns while our children don't have good schooling Plus there are libaries in disrepair because of the games.

Here are two links to help in your research.

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Sorry but I can't give any answers. But I would say to research where the olympics have been held in the past. When was the Olympics last held in Canada? Have they ever been? Talk about the passion that Canada has for Hockey, and that they would show that same enthusiasm for the Olympics. Sorry I cant help, good luck man!

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It's a bit late for a debate,Vancouver IS holding the 2010 winter games.

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I don't know.

What should i do?

They have been held in Canada be 4 the Summer olympics in 1976 in Montreal. And in 1988 The winter olypmics were held in Calgary, where they had the debut of the jamician bobsled team.

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Yeah, Vancouver is definitely going to host the 2010 Olympics. Someone already said that. I know. They are already building the venues. For more info, go to Vancouver2010.com.
Here is one con, though. The International Olympic Committee recently rejected a proposal to add women's ski jumping and nordic combined to the Olympics. The ski jumping events are the only olympic events not open to women. I believe in 1992, the IOC voted that all new olympic events must have both a men's and women's event. Since ski jumping was in the olympics before that, it was exempt from the rule. What really sucks is the fact that women have been ski jumping for years, and even have their own international event. In 2010, skicross will be added to the olympics. One of the reasons cited by the IOC for not allowing women's ski jumping was that there are not enough women competing in ski jumping internationally. Sadly, there are over twice as many women jumping internationally as there are women competing internationally in skicross.
I remember hearing an olympic official quote in a recent winter olympics, regarding the inclusion of women's bobsled: He said, "my little daughter looked up at me and asked, 'Daddy, why can't girls bobsled' and I didn't have a good answer for that." I sure hope his daughter asks him about women's ski jumping soon. The reason why this pertains to your question is because the Canadian Human Rights comission has filed a discrimination complaint against the IOC. I wish ski jumping, as much as I love the sport, would be boycotted at the Olympics until women are rightfully allowed to compete.
The world-class female ski jumpers from every country that participates in the sport should absolutely be allowed to compete in the Olympics. Many of them can even jump as far as or even farther than some of their countries' top male jumpers. Ski jumping is also extremely expensive, and many female ski jumpers, (especially from the U.S., where ski jumping is not exactly a popular sport) have to make huge financial sacrifices in order to remain competitive. They train as hard as the men, but they don't have as many sponsors to pay for training, equipment, and housing, and they don't have the ultimate competition, the Olympics, to work for. Good news, though. They will have their first world championship competition in 2009. Overdue, but great all the same. Please check out www.womensskijumping.com for more information. I could obviously go on and on about this topic, but I'm afraid my answer is getting too long. One more thing - Let's face it, the U.S. men's ski jumping team really isn't that good. They never even medal at the Olympics. On the other hand, the U.S. women's ski jumping team is one of the strongest in the world, and they would likely win the Gold medal in the team competition. Also, Lindsey Van is currently one of the best ski jumpers, male or female, in the world. She would probably win the gold as well, if given the chance. She deserves it, and all of the world class female ski jumpers, who have been in the sport since they were toddlers, deserve the chance to compete. If you are Canadian, be very proud of Katie Willis, (Team Canada) who is also one of the world's top jumpers. Please, please check out the website I mentioned above.

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