Can persecution in China stop before 2008 Olympic?

Brutally tortured, beaten to death and their organs harvested alive, the persecution of falun gong practitioners in china, is an open secret, which the chinese communist party admitted...


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No. The Olympics has nothing to do with human rights, and the idea that it somehow spreads them was dead as early as 1936 (Berlin Nazi games).

Both the Chinese government and the International Olympic Committee have a lot to be ashamed of here. The IOC gave Beijing the Games with rhetoric about how it would help human rights, then completely blew off evidence to the contrary coming from human rights organizations (including the case of a Mr. Ye Guozhu, who was sentenced to four years in jail and has undergone torture for simply asking for a peaceful protest of people who had been forcibly evicted from their homes for Olympic facility construction without compensation). They just simply said something like 'oh, we can't tell govts. what to do.'

The whole affair is sad, and definitely a reason to boycott Beijing 2008.

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No. It's a two week event, not a political culture transplant. Governments and cultures don't change who they are to get the Olympics. They only hide it.

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The only thing that will stop the government from mistreating their citizens is a change in the government. That may happen as it did to much of the rest of the communist governments in the world, but I do not see that for many years. There is much unrest among the people because the central government has over stepped their authority, but they have suppressed any disagreement with armed force. Thousand flee the country annually, including educated, intelligent people who the government needs. The change is still a long way off. The Olympics will only cause the government to hide their actions for a couple of weeks.

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That's great. Post your question in politics next time. Olympics is supposed to be for sporting questions, not loose associated events. What does your question, in the way you phrased it, have anything at all to do with the olympics? You should have been a little more specific. If I were a teacher who asked you to come up with a good question about the 2008 olympics, I would have given you a C- for such a loose association and non-specific question.

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The government there definitely needs to be brought down, and fast. That is so sad

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