Bandana Worldchampionship year 1955 did this sport ever exist if so, when, where and who?

Johnnie Gipson Gary, Bandana World championship year 1955 to present. Lincoln Library encyclopedia dictionary and Merriman Webster has information in text. Johnnie Gipson Gary had a child, son name Charlie Lee Gary, born on March 12, 1951, Truly Divine Child of the World-Alanmac in any history book. I would like more information if sport and Johnnie Gary did exist


When will the Olympics come to the United States?

Google turned up nothing on Bandana World Championships or Johnnie Gipson Gary other than your own question.

Wikipedia turned up nothing on either search either

I'm going to assume based on the complete lack of valid search results, that neither actually exists.

Sorry. :-(

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