Any ideas for some new olympic sports?


Is £9bn (at least) for the London Olympics a fair price or could the money be better spent elsewhere?


Can India host coming Delhi 2010 commonwealth games successfully?

mud wrestling

Which was the firts asian country to host the olympics?korea..,japan..or china?

Ironing? Anyone welcome to come and practice on mine

I'm in cheer leading and were about to go to DISNEY for a competition and im scared im going to choke.?

Syncronised armchair aerobics...

How well well each nations team can change the channels in unison, lift up one cheek to stratch it and how fast they can find some loose change hidden behind the cushion.

Its a winner

Who lit the torch in turin?

crown green bowls

How many gold medals did P.T.Usha win in the 1986 Seoul Asian Games?

husband naaggin'

Can you suggest some new Olympic Events for Normal People?

longest sleep - i would be a tough contender...

What is the Olympic Super-G?

I think they should have an all drug Olympics. This will allow athletes to fill themselves up with performance enhancing drugs without the stigma of being caught. Just think of the entertainment; it would be a complete freak show, with men the size of trucks competing.

How do you became an Olympic Games interpreter?

As we all know almost all sports are already invented however a new idea would be swimming in a dry pool...

Is there going to be a "2006 Summer Olympics"?

The 100, 200, 400 and 800 metres Wife carrying races!

Is there anyone intersted in the special olympics?

Slapsies!! Please dont tell me you never played slapsies at school!

Why have we got the olympics?

Completing application forms without mistakes.

Booking appointments in advance at the doctors, then gambling on what's going to be wrong with who by the time it arrives.

Quickest to get chlamydia.

Tonsil tennis.

Dinner queue racing.

Beat the postcard - post the card and arrive at the destination before it does.

Racist olympics - on your remarks, get upset, drivel !


I need pictures of countries in the west indies that have hosted the carifta games?

Female mud wrestling has a charm about it. However, welly throwing after a compulsory 10 pints of lager would pull in the punters!!

Will Sasha Cohen get the gold medal?

It would be awesome if they made Lacrosse an Olympic sport.

How many people like gymnastics?

sepak takraw

Who invented it?

I've said it before and I'll say it again: GOLF! If you can give me one reason why golf isn't an Olympic sport, I'll give you blood from a turnip.

True or false: events that require judging are not sports?

For the Olympics, surely it must be...
Bribery... whoever gives the biggest bribe, without being caught by hidden camera, wins the gold.

After all, the Olympic committee have already been practising, but keep getting caught.

Who thinks that Apallo Anton Ohno is really good looking?

Snooker and Rugby great sports!

What Scandinavian city hosted the first Olympics to use electric timing devices?

The cell phone Olympics! Conduct full cell phone interaction while performing the following activities:

Event Schedule:

1. Cell Phone NASCAR - drive 500 miles while conducting chatter on your cell phone - penalty for quiet time. Some of you are naturals for this. This is conducted on US Hi-way 95.

2. Cell Phone BATHROOM - men's and women's divisions - some people just can't put that thing down!

3. Cell Phone Door to Door - see how many people you can visit with a cell phone in your ear.

4. Cell Phone Locker Room - separate from the bathroom. No camera phones please.

5. Cell Phone Treadmill. Nothing beats a nice loud cell phone ring to wake me up when I'm in mid stride on the treadmill next to yours.

6. The Finals - bash the cell phone knob - that's where you commit an incredibly inconsiderate act on your cell phone and chastise the poor fool who had the nerve to tell you to hold that crap down - he doesn't want to hear about that international business deal you pulled off before breakfast.

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