"Running Brave"-the movie?

What characteristics did Mr.Mills possess that helped him stay on course in the pursuit of personal excellence


Where can I find an online source that will help me with gymnastics?

Mills was endowed with a thorough personality of niceness and unwavering denial of human unkindness.
I guess that's what all non wasps hope/ live with and keep in their heart when it comes to life.
Mills' internal struggles - grasping the 'killer' notion of winning, dealing with the attitude of whites, and with the contempt of the Sioux who think he's become white.

In the winter olympics name 5 -2 man events?

Bravenous within him and ability to attract all young viewers.. tatz it i guess

Anyone in bournemouth/poole?

Look where he came from. I think a lot of it had to do with him running away from the poverty and alcoholism that was all around him. 1964 in Tokyo was amazing...I can still hear the announcers screaming his name as he passed the field on the home stretch.

What is a piste?i believe it is related to fencing.?

2.He had faith in his own abilities: His coach told him,"son, you don't have a kick". Well, he showed one heck of a kick in that final 200M!
3.He was goal oriented

Lieutenant(Capt?) Billy Mills is the only American to ever win the olympic 10K.

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