Backbend Kick-over HELP!?

Okay, so I got my backbend about a month ago, but now I wanna kick over. I try and try, but I just can't get it! Please help me!


Anyone heard?

Get in your back bend.
Start to rock a little bit, that warms up your muscles.
Push off the ground with the foot you AREN'T kicking over, have your spotter support the leg and help push it over.
You need strong arms and back to be able to do a back bend kick over, not so much with the legs.

Practice exercises for your arms and back and try hard! Good luck!

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Hey! Im a level 7 gymnast and I can help you with your back bend kick over. Make sure that when you kick back you have your legs spread a little bit. It help the balance. Then pull one leg in the air and kick up with the other leg. So you will bend back, leg up, kick. For a while when your in a handstand you will be in a split position. Just come down on the floor with the leg thats going downwards. Hope I helped, and Good luck!

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The more flexible your shoulders are, the easier this skill is. Practice pushing through your shoulders before you try kicking over. Do a bridge next to a wall and try to push your arm pits against the wall. If you can do that, your kick-over will be much easier.

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OK . first you do a back bend right.yeah ok, then put as much as streangth as you can and point your toes and put your legs straight and flip. Good Luck!!

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I coach little kids on this skill and the drills they do really help. Try laying down with your butt touching the coach. Put your feet on top and push up into a backbend. Try kicking over from this hight then work your way down. Maybe take the cushions off and stack those up. Make sure there is not a coffetable or something in the way and be sure to keep your arms straight so you don't fall on your head.

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okay you need to strengthen your stomach muscles
so do like sit ups and v ups..
and then do a backbend with your feet a little bit away from the wall...then walk your feet up the wall and kick over...
then try doing it by yourself...
its not going to happen over night...
its going to take somee time...
maybe a month or so..
just keep practicing and trying hard

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